Another recent car hire location to the Expresscarentals car rental locations list is now Anguilla Car Hire. This new car rental location in Northern America will open up new markets for us with the addition of Anguilla Airport Car Hire. We look forward to adding further car rental locations to our existing portfolio in due course. Update to follow.


Another recent car hire location addition to the Expresscarentals car hire location list is now Angola Car Hire. This new location opens up another avenue in African car rental with us. We will have currently two car hire locations in Angola which are; Luanda and Luanda Airport Car Hire. Both available to book now on Expresscarentals Car Hire.

We are pleased to announce another car hire location addition to our website. The addition of Andorra Car Hire now opens up the car hire availability for the location of Escaldes Car Rental with Expresscarentals. Further car hire locations will be added soon. Updates to follow.

Expresscarentals are delighted to announce that our Albania Car Hire location is now available to book on our website: Expresscarentals Car Hire . Locations available in Albania for Expresscarentals include: Sheraton Italia Square, Tirana and Tirana Airport. Further updates on car hire location additions to follow.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our Expresscarentals websites starting with our global site Exresscarentals – Car Hire. The new update is a complete website redesign that we hope will engage our customers more easily and freely with us. The new design has been introduced in order to make it easier to navigate around our website in the easiest way possible and without the need for car hire jargon getting in the way of our customers experience with us, we will post regular updates on our progress when possible, be sure to check back regularly.

Today, expresscarentals will be offering a direct link service to airport parking on our global site: http://www.expresscarentals.com. This new feature will enable our customers and website visitors to purchase airport parking in the UK at some of the cheapest airport parking rates in the UK. The Director of Operations for Expresscarentals also said today that whilst this new feature would add value to the current list of services on offer, this would not be the last of the new feature arrivals, hinting that further additions could be forthcoming in the not to distant future, including the long anticipated arrival of a flight + hotel booking engine that many visitors to the site have requested for some time.

We are delighted to announce today that our location update of Ireland has been completed with relevant location information on all our Ireland car hire locations, including photos on relevant pages of Ireland scenery.
We are currently in the process of updating our global site fully, adding photo images of locations that we have visited, adding location information, providing relevant links to attractions, tours, and relevant information sources that maybe useful to our visitors. We are also in the process of updating all other areas within our global site and we will provide updates as we complete more sections. In other news, we are currently adding a driving in Ireland guide to our completed Ireland section as a useful resource to customers who may never have visited Ireland before, this new information resource will include traffic signs used in Ireland and speed limits that are most commonly used.